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Your cover letter is a important part of many job applications. It is going to help demonstrate to potential employers the passion you have for the role and allow you to sell your skills and show you are a valuable candidate that they need to consider hiring. We have written a guide that will help you write a cover letter and will help you stand out and impress!

Top Learning Support Assistant Cover Letter Writing Tips

Cover letters are your chance to grab the attention of the employer and help you stand out against other applicants by selling your skills and expertise. This opportunity isn’t always exploited by candidates and sometimes they can be poorly planned and formatted. Follow our guide to make your cover letter the best it can be.

1. How to format your cover letter

The header of the cover letter should consist of your contact information, the date, and the recipients contact information. Start your cover letter with the most appropriate greeting. If you know their name, start it with ‘Dear Mr./Ms. Surname’, but if you don’t, start with ‘Dear Hiring Manager’. It is effective to use the employers name if you can as it will feel more direct, and grab their attention.
Your cover letter should be presented in an easy to read font, matching the font in your CV.  Set the font to size 11 or 12 as using a font too large may make you look juvenile or unprofessional. 
Don’t write your entire main body text in one paragraph, split it up into different paragraphs, as this will be easier to read
You should end your cover letter by thanking them for their time and consideration, and reiterate why you are a stand out applicant. You should sign off the letter using a complimentary close, ‘Sincerely’ if you know their name, and ‘Faithfully’ if you don’t, with your full name

2. What to include in the main body

Mention the position you are applying for, and where you found the listing. Be sure to explain why you want the job, and why you are best suited for the role, making sure to show your passion throughout.

 Highlight your relevant qualifications and skills, and any past experiences you have had within the teaching sector. If you do not have any past experiences, include any transferable skills you may have from past employment. 

Show the employer that you are knowledgeable, and understand classroom procedures. If you have any additional certificates, such as safeguarding, first aid, child care or equality and diversity, be sure to include these as they will help you stand out.

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