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School Administrator Interview Questions

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Interviews can be daunting and hard to prepare for but we’re here to help. We’ve compiled a list of common questions that you might be asked in yours and how you might go about answering them, as well as some questions you could ask your interviewer to help show your interest in the position!

Questions your interviewer might ask

Your motivations

The interviewer is looking for genuine reasons why you want to be a school administrator. You could mention something like opportunities for career progression. In that case, make sure to reassure the interviewer that you wish to progress within the company rather than moving on. You could also mention your enjoyment of the tasks involved in the role as another motivation. Enthusiasm about the job can be another way to show that you wish to be a long-term employee.

This question is to see if you have done your research on the school you are applying for. This can be especially important for an administrator role as being well informed is important to ensure the smooth running of the departments around you. Mentioning the school’s ethos and your attitude towards it is a good start. Personal ties to that school such as living in close proximity or having gone there yourself are also a great thing to talk about, this can help show employers that you will be more invested in the job than other candidates. 

Your personal approach to the role

This is the interviewer trying to find out how independently you work and if you will need to be micromanaged. There is no correct answer to this question it’s all about personal preference. It’s good to remember that different managers have different styles and the most important thing is that you both work well together. 

This is a more subtle way of the interviewer asking a weakness question. Make sure to try keep things positive, but don’t be afraid to talk about difficulties you might have had as long as you explain how you overcame them. When asked a question like this it can be easy for you to get muddled or ramble, a good approach when being asked a question that requires you to recall past events is to use the STAR method

Qualifications and experience

An interviewer is usually looking for someone who can use email software, Microsoft office, photocopying machines, and phones. Be honest about what you do and don’t know, getting caught out in a lie could ruin your chances of getting the job. If you are the right candidate for the job, training will be given to you in relevant areas if you lack experience, so make sure to emphasise you are ready and able to learn. Enthusiasm and willingness to learn can sometimes trump experience.

Employers usually are going to favour those who have been qualified for longer but this is not always the case. The employer could be looking for someone recently qualified as they wish to mould you to fit their more niche administrative requirements. Also courses could have been recently changed, your more up-to-date knowledge could be an asset. Either way, just be honest!

Questions for you to ask your interviewer

Final note

Reading through some of our common questions should help get you in the right headspace for your interview, but don’t stop here–have a think about what kind of questions you could be facing, as well as how you might answer them on your own!

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