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School Receptionist Interview Questions

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Interviews can be daunting and hard to prepare for but we’re here to help. We’ve compiled a list of common questions that you might be asked in yours and how you might go about answering them, as well as some questions you could ask your interviewer to help show your interest in the position!

Questions your interviewer might ask

Your motivations

This would be a great starting point to talk about why you want the role, and you can lead into talking about your experience and qualifications. Make sure to talk about your personal motivations rather than being too generic, as that might give the impression you’re uninterested in the position. 

It’s good to show you’re somewhat aware of the school you’re applying to work at. You might not have a specific reason you chose that school other than something simple like distance, so it’s important that you do some research and come up with something relevant. By showing a keen interest in the school and demonstrating some knowledge about it you can show the interviewer that you’re invested in working there specifically.

Your personal approach to the role

It’s important when entering work in a busy environment that you let your potential employer know that you’re up to the task. You can give examples from past work experience when you’ve had to handle being busy and the ways you can apply that in a school receptionist’s position. Your examples don’t just have to come from work though, if you’re inexperienced then it’s good to mention times in education or even your personal life where you’ve handled the pressure well. When answering questions using examples the STAR method is a good way to keep your answer short and concise.

Qualifications and experience

You should talk about any qualifications that will be useful for the job here but don’t think you can’t mention other things too. Any knowledge or skills that you think would be relevant in the role should be mentioned here! Demonstrating something useful but outside of the standard or expected skills of a school receptionist could help you stand out. Do you have anything that would help in a school setting in particular? Mention it!

You should talk about any experience you have as a school receptionist or in a similar administrative position. You can demonstrate your knowledge of the job by talking about the duties you’ll be performing and how you’d deal with them. Be sure to understand the differences between a regular receptionist and the duties of a school receptionist so you can be clear on what exactly you’ll be doing in the role.

As a school receptionist you’re going to be using a range of software, so it’d be a good idea to find out what’s in use at the school you’re applying for. It’s great if you’re well-versed in its use already but if not you should try to familiarise yourself with it. If you can’t train in the software you’ll be using on your own beforehand, then make sure your interviewer knows that you’re willing and able to learn whatever you’ll need in the job. 

Questions for you to ask your interviewer

Final note

Reading through some of our common questions should help get you in the right headspace for your interview, but don’t stop here–have a think about what kind of questions you could be facing, as well as how you might answer them on your own!

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